provocateur : \prō-ˌvä-kə-ˈtər\: one who provokes


'Months later, we are navigating difficult conversations better than ever, challenging our assumptions, as we continue to use tools and language you taught us to navigate daily stress and conflict. Thank you.' -Lillian Thogerson, CEO, World Association of Children and Parents

I believe deeply in every person's ability to choose.
And this concept of personal power is at the core of all I do. I work with exceptional people willing to take responsibility. I ask a lot of my clients because I know they are up to the challenge. And they see meaningful results, faster, because of it.

I believe each of my clients has a unique contribution to make, that they are the experts on their situation and I would never presume to tell them how to do what they do best. I support my clients in creating their own solutions so they have an exponentially greater chance of success. I help them turn their knowledge, experience and resources into meaningful answers to the right questions, at exactly the right time.

I believe masterful communication is critical to every leader's success - and that there is always room to become more artful. So I weave courageous communication skills into every strategy. My clients know results flow from curiosity, and know just what to listen for. They are skilled at managing expectations, equipped to ask for - and get - more of what they want, and are confident in the face of tough conversations.

I believe everyone has a story. And it impacts how they show up in the world, in their organization, and in their teams.  My clients learn to recognize and articulate their own stories, create space for the stories of others and lead from a powerful place of connection.  As a result, they consistently have huge impact, influence and access to the highest level thinking.     

I believe there is opportunity in every crisis
This frees my clients to quit fighting. When they stop struggling, even the best amaze themselves with their agility and resilience. Crisis and conflict no longer result in frustration or paralysis and they are creative, strategic, and solution focused under pressure.

I believe in the value of my services.
It's my privilege to do great work with great people who see results. What can I say? I love my job!