provocateur : \prō-ˌvä-kə-ˈtər\: one who provokes


'The tougher the situation and the hotter the fire, the better Sheila seems to be... She can single handedly rein in and redirect a whole executive team of strong personalities going sideways. I've seen her do it. She's fearless.' -Steve Brown, CEO, Mount Nittany Health System

Who does Sheila work with?

Without exception, I work with interesting, dynamic leaders committed to excellence. They accept responsibility for bettering themselves and their world. They have vision. They care about the people around them. They value their own contribution. And they value my services, too. Sound like fun? You bet it is!

My individual clients are well into careers in high octane professions and businesses. They know how to succeed. They're smart. They have high standards. And they aren't willing to 'get by' doing it the way other people do it; They know there must be a better way. They want to focus their energy on growing in new and interesting areas of their professional and personal lives. They want to be valuable, contributing members of communities and organizations that are bigger and longer lasting than themselves.

It's my privilege to partner with outstanding people in achieving their next level of success.

ho is likely to be successful working with Sheila?

My most successful clients - Teams, Boards and Individual Leaders - accept responsibility for effecting change and value collaboration and support that helps them in the process. They are committed to their personal growth and success, so the coaching relationship is richer. They've got  life experience and know they're good, already. They are resilient, willing to challenge their assumptions and take an honest look at where even the best of them might be getting in their own way. And they are ready, willing and able to step out of their comfort zone.

Who has Sheila worked with?

Sheila's client list has included:

Microsoft, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, University of Washington, Mount Nittany Health System, Evergreen Hospital Medical Center, Pediatrix, National Association of Children and Parents, World Vision, Puget Sound Energy.