provocateur : \prō-ˌvä-kə-ˈtər\: one who provokes

About Sheila

Sheila Delaney Duke, J.D.
Executive Coach and Senior Facilitator
provocateur : \prō-ˌvä-kə-ˈtər\ one who provo

'In our thirty years, the retreat you facilitated was the best we have ever had! You are professional without being distant, energetic without being distracting...' -CEO client of a global non-profit

Sheila refuses to accept there's only one-way to think about...well...anything at all. She provokes the highest-level, creative thinking and engagement in already-great thinkers.        

Using her 20 years of professional experience – in Financial Services, in Corporate Law, and Executive Coaching – and her innate sense of wonder, Sheila ensures YOU ask and answer the right questions, the hard questions, and really consider the implications of those answers. Successful, senior leaders discover they can be even better; Teams discover what they’re capable of; Boards discover how painless great outcomes can be.

Are YOU up to the challenge?

Sheila only works with Senior Teams and Boards who are willing to embrace the truth (or even the possibility) that great leaders step up to a challenge with courage and dignity; That adversity can lead to outstanding results; And that respectful relationships matter. This frees her clients to quit fighting. When they stop struggling, even the best amaze themselves with their agility and resilience. Crisis and conflict no longer result in distraction, frustration, or group paralysis and they are creative, strategic, and solution-focused – even efficient – under pressure. They get better results, with less angst.

And what does Sheila DO, exactly?

Sheila challenges her clients to play their best game and to navigate the barriers in their way by building honest, mutually supportive relationships that don’t need to be pretty to be real. She challenges directors to raise the bar and engage at the highest level within their unique context, knowing no two boards are just alike. She invites the men and women who hold positions of power and influence to remember why it’s worth caring, and the joy of serving well.

Sheila has served clients, including the following, with a great team of colleagues and partners she engages for specific projects:

Microsoft, REI, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Puget Sound Energy, University of Washington, Evergreen Hospital Medical Center, Pediatrix, World Vision, Mount Nittany Health System and the World Association of Children and Parents.

Sheila is a certified Brand Strategist, and is certified in a number of instruments, including Personal Communication Styles Index and Birkman.

She lives in Bellevue, Washington with her husband and two young girls, through whose eyes she is rediscovering a world of play and adventure. She enjoys triathlons, running, and exploring the outdoors with her family on foot, or by bike.

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